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Hi! I'm Dana Kay...Let me introduce you to Ashley Gobeil.

Ashley is a Child and Family Therapist who has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, a Masters in Social Health & Counselling and a Masters of Social Work Qualifying.

Ashley has been working with children and young people for the past 15 years in contexts such as childcare, schools and education, child and adolescent mental health, domestic and family violence, family divorce, childhood trauma and refugee and migrant communities and she currently runs her own therapeutic private practice.
As the founder and CEO of the ADHD Thrive Institute and a board-certified ADHD Health Practitioner, I have been working with Ashley for a number of years now and just love her warm, empathetic, authentic approach along with the way she skillfully analyzes the situation, repositions and presents a new approach.
Amongst all the amazing work she does with so many children and families, she also facilitates our Parenting Group Coaching call each week within our ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids program. The focus of that call each week is to assist our parents with behavioral and challenging situations they find themselves in and provide guidance for positive and responsive parenting practices.

With such an amazing response from our parents,
I asked Ashley to help me design.....

An easy to follow, practical, relevant and accessible parenting program which is specific to kids with ADHD. It will boost your parenting confidence and help you reclaim your parenting power!

From feedback, observation and personal experience, I know parents struggle with behavioral symptoms of an ADHD child. Trust me I have been there.

But don't just take our word for it!  Hear what some of our parents have to say!

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need I go on?

Parenting a child with ADHD is TOUGH!

The ADHD specific and attuned approach taught inside ADHD Thrive Jump Start 4 Parenting™ is what I needed when my son’s ADHD symptoms were at their worst and nothing worked. And I mean NOTHING!

I tried more strategies than you can imagine, and none of them did one bit of good.
This new way of thinking and approach has helped me change the way my husband and I parent our kiddo with ADHD as well as the one without.
I am so excited to be able to share this with you.

"Ok, but.....what is the
ADHD Thrive Jump Start 4 Parenting™?"

The ADHD Thrive Jump Start™ 4 Parenting helps you adopt a proactive ADHD specific parenting approach and provides you with key parenting ingredients for working towards a more regulated and peaceful home with positive, connected relationships.
In the ADHD Thrive Jump Start 4 Parenting™,  using neuroscience and attachment understandings, we help you build a greater awareness of your child’s emotional experiences and underlying needs so you are more equipped to be able to confidently navigate your child’s ADHD
Best of all, the ADHD Thrive Jump Start 4 Parenting™ provides practical options, tools and ideas around how you can respond to your child’s tricky ADHD behaviors in a way that builds their emotional regulation development
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Here's what you'll learn inside the
ADHD Thrive Jump Start 4 Parenting™

The ADHD Thrive Jump Start 4 Parenting™ is broken down into six modules that are instantly accessible all at once when you enroll.

All of the course materials, including the modules, videos and downloadable resources are available inside the online ADHD Thrive Jump Start 4 Parenting™ membership site.

Module 1:

Where to start: The ADHD Parenting Mindset


This module focusses on thinking about parenting differently, in a more responsive way.

You will undertake lessons which include;

  • A New Way of Thinking
  • What is ADHD Specific Parenting?
  • Kids do Well if They Can
  • Starting with Positivity! Bring out the best in your child
  • Choosing the Right Words
  • Celebrate their Successes

Module 2:

Why is My Child's Behavior Happening?


This module concentrates on the reasons for your child's behavior including neurological and environmental. There is also a ADHD Nervous System Questionnaire common emotions and behaviors that your child displays.

You will undertake lessons which include;

  • Arousal & ADHD: Your child's nervous system
  • The ADHD Nervous System Questionnaire
  • Reviewing the Results of the ADHD Nervous System Questionnaire
  • Environmental Factors
  • Executive Age vs. Chronological Age

Module 3:

What is Beneath those ADHD Based Behaviors?


In this module you will learn to recognize the underlying needs that often drive a child’s behavior. 

You will undertake lessons which include;

  • Dysregulation & ADHD
  • Beneath the Behavior - The Iceberg! 
  • ADHD & Shame: What to Do When Your Child   Thinks They are “Bad”

Module 4:

How to Respond to ADHD Based Behaviors


In this module you will learn how to recognise and understand your your own feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations as well as some techniques to respond to your child's emotional, physical and connection needs.

You will undertake lessons which include;

  • Consciously Connected
  • The Importance of Breath
  • The Power of Emotional Attunement
  • The Parenting Brain: Becoming Proactive vs Reactive
  • How to Help Your Child Get Their Lid Back On
  • Building in Thinking Time with Your Child

Module 5:

Importance of Rituals and Routines


This module will discuss the varying rituals a family unit has and the importance of establishing routines and maintaining consistency. There are some fantastic resources that we share in this module.

You will undertake lessons which include;

  • Types of Rituals
  • Predictable Routines
  • Simplified Mornings
  • Morning Visual Checklist
  • Bedtime Wind downs
  • Bedtime Visual Checklist
  • Storytime
  • The After School Routine

Module 6:

Filling up the Cup Goes a Long Way


This module introduces the Love Languages and shares techniques for mindfulness, visualization and meditation for yourself and your child. You will undertake lessons which include;

You will undertake lessons which include;

  • What is Cup Filling?
  • Love Languages
  • Together in Mindfulness
  • A Guided Visualization
  • Mindfulness Story
  • Meditation
  • Filling Your Own Cup

Module 7:

Putting it all Together for Practice


And finally, the last modules will show you how to to put it all together and move forward.

You will undertake a lesson;

  • Moving forward

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this start? When do I get access to everything?

It starts as soon as you join! This is a self-paced, instant access, quickie program, so all you have to do is sign up and you’ll get everything delivered straight to your inbox within about 15 minutes.

So you can start today! Or tomorrow! Or next week! Or next year! (Though my vote is for starting sooner rather than later!)

What if I'm already too busy with kids at home full-time & barely have a free hour in my day to do anything?!

As a mom with two boys (Dana) and as a mom to a toddler (Ashley) , we feel you. This program was designed for the busy parent! You don't need hours each day to complete it!

To make the most of this program, you can simply put aside 15 minutes each day to complete a lesson or two at a time. Some lessons are under 5 minutes, so you can go at the pace that feels digestible for you. We find it easiest and most satisfying to listen to lessons while multitasking (doing household stuff, going on a walk or driving to work) or pausing from the busy energy and listening & reading content over a cup of coffee each morning.

I’m going to be out of town next week, will I fall too far behind?

Not to worry at all! You will have lifetime access to the content of the program so you can view them on your return!

What if I have trouble accessing the program or have a question? How can I get help?

Send an email to

Can I buy this, try this, then ask for a refund?

Due to the nature of this being an easily consumable digital product, there are no refund available.

But here's our promise to you: This course isn't just another online program - it has been designed to be an immersive experience with your success in mind. We're confident that the insights, strategies, and skills you'll gain are worth far more than the enrollment fee.

The reality? Once you complete and implement ADHD Thrive Jump Start 4 Parenting™, you’ll be thinking of a different r-word: Referral. 😉 #nailedit

How do I join the ADHD Thrive Jump Start 4 Parenting™ program?

A good question with an easy answer: Click here to join ADHD Thrive Jump Start 4 Parenting™ today!

It’ll only take you 5 seconds to join and about 5 days to implement!. Start your journey of working towards a more regulated home, with connected, positive family relationships! This is a true gift for you, your child and the whole entire family. 

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